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Other Savings

Be ready for the next holiday season by having a little money deducted from each pay into your Holiday Savings Account.

  • Payroll Deduction makes it so easy to save.
  • Your Holiday Savings Account balance is automatically transferred to your regular savings account on October 1
  • Automatic account renewal each October 1 for the next holiday season
  • Every member of your family can open a personal Holiday Savings Account
  • There are no fees with your Holiday Savings Account
Your children can open a Holiday Savings Account too. It is a great way to start children on the road to a lifetime habit of saving and the practice of giving during the holidays.
Get that vacation you deserve! Open your Vacation Club savings with no minimum balance.

  • Payroll Deduction makes it so easy to save
  • There are no fees with your Vacation Club Savings Account
Whenever you use your debit card, the amount you pay will be rounded up to the next dollar. This extra amount (the amount between what you pay your vendor and the next whole dollar) will be automatically deposited from your checking into your Save Your Change Account.

  • Works on all debit transactions (signature or credit).
  • Earn a fantastic rate of 10% until your account reaches $500.
  • You must authorize this special savings account. Just call any credit union office and tell them that you want to open your Save Your Change account.
  • You can withdraw your savings at any time. You can transfer funds from your “Save Your Change” account to another account via online, mobile access, or telephone banking.
  • You cannot transfer money into your “Save Your Change” savings account.
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