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Online Bill Pay

Fast, Easy, Secure.

With today’s fast paced lifestyle we are all looking to save time, so don’t waste time paying bills! Streamline your Bill Payment with ProMedica Federal Credit Union’s Online Bill Pay System.

With Online Bill Pay you can send guaranteed payments to whomever you wish, on-time and securely. The best part is that the whole system is free to use when you’re a ProMedica Federal Credit Union member.

Benefits of Using Online Bill Pay:

  • Your information is safe. Online bill pay uses SSL encryption, personalized user names, and passwords to protect your privacy.
  • Save money on postage, envelopes, and checks.
  • You can make multiple payments at one time, from the same screen.
  • You can also schedule payments to be made monthly with the click of a button.
  • Edit, view, and save your payment information for documentation.
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