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Youth Savings Accounts

How many times have you wished you started saving earlier? Well, your kids certainly can do what you wished you would have done. PFCU offers our future leaders a great way to get their personal savings ball rolling and keep it moving with our youth savings account.

Savings Account

Adults may establish the membership of a minor child in PFCU, and as a joint account holder have complete access to the child's account. As with any joint account, the child will have full access — including the ability to deposit and withdrawal money, and even sign up for PFCU Online Access.

Custodian Account

A Custodian or OUTMA (Ohio Uniform Transfer to Minors) account is a valuable savings plan opened by an adult for the benefit of a child. Children are able to make deposits. You, however, specify the age when withdrawals can be made (at age 18 or 21). Since you are the account manager, children will not have access to Online Access.
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